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Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? (Mahler, Adès, Alan Gilbert, NYPO)

Okay folks, thanks for the 15 minutes.  Can we talk about music now?  No other classical music news has topped this cell phone, not Thomas Quasthoff’s sad announcement of his retirement, not budget woes at San Antonio Opera and Trinity … Continue reading

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Mahlergate: the moral of the story is…?

I don’t care what they say as long as they talk about me. –Tallulah Bankhead In a way, it’s great that that shlimazel’s iPhone happened to go off at such a sweet spot in Mahler’s Ninth on Tuesday.  All of … Continue reading

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!@#&^%$!!!!!! (Cellphone halts Mahler’s Ninth mid-movement)

For those who say that the concert hall needs to loosen up, who want tweet-seats and more technology, be careful what you wish for. Until today I’ve never been to a concert where a cellphone stopped the orchestra in the … Continue reading

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One genius remembers another

There have been many fine tributes to Mahler today on the centenary of his death, for example Peter G. Davis here in the NYT, Anne Midgette here in the WaPo, Kenneth Woods on his blog here, and a very personal … Continue reading

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Review: Mahler, Alan Gilbert, NYPO, 4/27/11

What’s the rush? I’ve been admonished that my reviews are too long, so that’s my summary judgment in one sentence.  It’s a tribute to the Philharmonic that they can play this music at such breakneck tempi and still endow the … Continue reading

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Review: Andris Nelsons, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, 3/17/11

[Update, May 2013: And it’s official: Andris Nelsons will be the new music director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, starting with the 2014-15 season.] [LATEST: Eichler’s more positive review in the Boston Globe, calling the concert a “triumph.”  And reflections … Continue reading

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Mahleria 2010-2011

Google that word and you’ll find it, referring to either the fanatical devotion that afflicts many of Mahler’s admirers (this blogger included), or the glut of Mahler performances filling orchestra schedules this anniversary season–or any other recent season.  Back in … Continue reading

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