Amanda Keil picI’m Amanda Keil, and I’m here to foster a discussion among musicians, audience members, and music lovers about where and how we participate in live music. My chief interests are: classical music concerts for families and children (aka audience development), artists – or one-time artists – as audience members, and entrepreneurial ideas for classical musicians.

Why classical music? First, it’s my background. But mostly, because it gives us something that nothing else can.

Qualifications: Two degrees in music (voice, French horn), founder and director of the Baroque company Musica Nuova, contributing writer for OPERA America, BachTrack.com, and Classical Singer, where I started and wrote a column on entrepreneurialism for singers. I’ve also led a parallel career in fundraising, both for my own company and a range of charities. I know what it’s like to be an artist running a business, and I’d like to offer what I’ve learned.

More on my writing interests here.

If you are seeking coverage on this blog, I’m happy to hear about artists, organizations, and events that address my priorities. I do not regularly review concerts, with the exception of performances intended for families and children. To connect with me, comment on a post, join me on Twitter, or see my full resume on LinkedIn.

The blog’s title from the following fragment by Coleridge:

What is the meed of thy Song? ‘Tis the ceaseless, the thousandfold Echo
Which from the welcoming Hearts of the Pure repeats and prolongs it,
Each with a different Tone, compleat or in musical fragments.

The header is taken from Edward Hopper’s Front Row Orchestra (1951), now in the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

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