American Classical Orchestra kicks off HANDELFEST with a Children’s Concert

HandelUPDATE: It seems I’ve confused my most loyal supporters (Hi mom and dad!) I’m attending the ACO family concert on Saturday, not performing in it. My toddler, on the other hand, will most likely lift her voice with the performers. 

Imagine spending most of your waking hours with someone who finds wonder in everything. Someone who lingers at her reflection in a doorknob, delights in tossing about laundry, and marvels at sparrows feeding in the snow. This perspective, and the cozy companionship, sparks your own creative impulses, as you re-examine the quotidian for the miraculous.

Parenthood creates a hunger for art.

The paradox of course lies in the practicalities. A busy schedule of doorknob-gazing and laundry-tossing leaves little room for concertgoing or story writing or painting (using non-edible paint) or whatever creative outlet you’d like. There are plenty of opportunities for arts education experiences for children, but few are truly satisfying for adults.

Enter the American Classical Orchestra, with bells and trumpets. Literally, I believe. They have anointed March as HANDELFEST, and are starting the festivities with a family friendly concert next Saturday on March 1.

 The program includes Fireworks and some of Handel’s greatest hits, including a participatory Hallelujah – my kid will be sure to help out with that one. The performance is at 1:30 (strategically between second nap and dinner at 5) at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament at 152 W 71st St, close to Amsterdam. Handel himself (pictured) is rumored to make an appearance.

Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here. View the full press release for HANDELFEST here, which has details about their productions this month of Samson and Alceste. 

With young children, all you need is good music and adults enjoying it. And some patience if the kids want to wander around or babble. Even in NYC, there is a real lack of opportunities to take your kids to hear good music that you might have enjoyed in your pre-parent life. There are young people’s concerts, with demonstrations and explanations and talks and…. probably less actual music than one might want. Just as you can take your baby to grown-up movies, I wish you could take her to grown-up concerts too.

It’s a big untapped market! And what’s more, ensembles would get families (especially the parents) into the habit of attending good concerts, nurturing a demographic that might not be coming to the concert hall for some time.  So bring it ACO! You might just win your youngest fan yet.

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One Response to American Classical Orchestra kicks off HANDELFEST with a Children’s Concert

  1. scillagrace says:

    I was happy to see quite a few school-aged kids at Lyric Opera of Chicago’s matinee performance of Il Barbiere di Siviglia last Sunday. They are also running a 60-minute introduction to opera program called “The Family Barber” for kids aged 5-10 and their families. I hope it’s a huge success!

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