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Tfoldecho’s first discount offer! Use the discount code “BlogNY” at OperaLafayette.org to receive a generous 20% off tickets to the American premiere of Les Femmes Vengées, a 1775 opera by Philidor that inspired Mozart and DaPonte’s Così, written in 1789. It’s a double bill of a shortened, French-language version of the Mozart, followed by the final scenes from Les Femmes. As the company explains, “A mirror image of Così’s plot, Les Femmes Vengées continues the story of the four fickle lovers, but this time it’s the women who humorously uncover their husband’s infidelities.”

Only one New York performance before this good looking production is off to Versailles. Opera Lafayette and Artistic Director Ryan Brown are devoted to unearthing gems from 18th Century French Opera, and I find their work always to be worthwhile.

That said, 19th Century French Opera is a bit like 19th Century French dessert: exquisite, elaborate, perhaps a bit fussy, and sweet. There may be a reason why this opera is only coming to US shores now. Honestly, I’d take some aching 17th Century Venetian harmonies first, but in small portions (like these two truncated operas), French opera is a deserved indulgence from time to time. It’s the aural equivalent of the Boucher room at the Frick, if that’s your thing.

Here is an excerpt I found from Les Femmes, as sung by Christiane Eda-Pierre. Try a taste and come to Opera Lafayette for more on Thursday!

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