Looking for the culture in the Cultural Data Project

Borne of my countless hours spent filling out profiles for the Cultural Data Project for grant applications, I was curious if the investment had other benefits. The good folks at the arts research blog Createquity paired me with the fearless Talia Gibas, and we set to work exploring if and how the CDP has made lives better for the non-profits it intends to serve. Our results are published here.

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One Response to Looking for the culture in the Cultural Data Project

  1. scillagrace says:

    This actually points out a huge frustration I have with our society. It seems everything must be justified in terms of its economic validity. I don’t think that Life needs to be measured that way. Some things are intrinsically valuable, whether they make “financial sense” or not. I did work with the CDP when I did grant writing for the children’s theater company I worked for. I just don’t like the constant pressure to shove experience into a system and make it black & white. It turns out false, IMHO.

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