Destroying pianos

My musical networks are all ablaze with the Times report on pianos getting dumped. Oh dear, I’m afraid I’m one of the 1.1 million who bought electronic keyboards, when my grandmother’s upright is sitting silent at my parents’ house. Part of me is sad – our culture doesn’t value them, social music making is dying, fewer people listen to the kind of music you could play on a piano. Part of me says out with the old. It’s not like these are historic French harpsichords being burned at the barricades in 1789…

In any case, here’s a better use for old pianos:

Speaking of tearing up the piano, we might swing by to catch Nelson Freire at Mostly Mozart tonight. I would go just to hear him play these few minutes of Villa-Lobos, which I just cannot get out out of my mind:


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One Response to Destroying pianos

  1. scillagrace says:

    So grateful my daughter has found some temporary homes for her grandmother’s baby grand until she gets out of apartment-ville and into a house.

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