What’s mine is yours

From Saturday’s Carnegie Hall program:

This is your music. And now is your time. Discover composers of today who open themselves up to all sorts of influences – pop and rock, the sounds of religious rituals from around the world, even random noise – and a new breed of performers who are making this new music their own.

Everyone’s getting a piece of the indie action. So, I guess the Stravinsky I heard on Saturday wasn’t “my music?” Composers have found influence from outside of classical music for generations – are today’s composers any better at it?

To be fair, Carnegie is not just marketing pop music with violins. The link this pitch promotes brings you to all the new or sorta new music concerts CH has to offer, including an unapologetic program of Cage, Cowell, Adams, and Varèse with MTT and the San Francisco Symphony.

But what’s my music, and what’s someone else’s? I thought good stuff from any age is timeless, and belongs to everyone. Maybe it’s time to trot out that spin again? It used to work. Otherwise, some poor zhlubs might find themselves in the audience for Cowell’s Synchrony, wondering when the pop and rock will start.

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Everyone likes classical music. Not everyone knows it yet.
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