If Dudamel were President…

A comment by Gustavo Dudamel in a recent AP article has stuck in my mind:

My main goal, and it’s a big one, is that every child has a chance to get close to music, as a right, as they have access to food, health, education, they get the chance to have art and culture, especially music.

Dude, haven’t you heard that we in America have some issues with food, health care, and education? Still, in the current debate on the future of classical music, wouldn’t it be fitting if we ultimately had it both ways: Americans would have access to music, but just like health care and food, there would be tremendous disparities in quality and most of it would be crap. Just as school kids now try to nourish themselves on processed cheese and white bread, the “classical” mainstream would be John Williams.

In other news, the long, musical life of Olga Bloom, who died this weekend, is one to be celebrated. As the founder of Bargemusic she created an institution that provides opportunities for performers year round and created a market for chamber music, “the epitome of civilization,” she called it, and I think one of the toughest sells among classical music options. What would our musical culture be like if every performer, or even one in ten, strove to create an institution like that?

I have thoughts on the Michael Kaiser flap, but I’ve got a show on Thursday! After that, I am SO looking forward to a concert on December 4 presented by Yale in New York, featuring my friend Dann Coakwell and one of my favorite pieces of all time, the never heard enough Serenade for Tenor Horn and Strings by Benjamin Britten. Here’s the version I’ve been listening to all week:

Peter Pears sings the Nocturne from the Britten Serenade

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