Inuksuit Photos and Videos

It was a pleasure on Tuesday night to swing through Morningside Park for a bit of John Luther Adams’ Inuksuit, the other-worldly sound installation piece that had its New York indoor premiere last year, and was brought into the outdoors tonight as the composer intended.  Inuksuit are human-sized cairns used by natives living above the Arctic Circle.

The park was filled with percussion players, locals, kids, and the curious.  The effects were similar to The Gates project a few years ago in that strangers walked through space in a comparable state of wonder.  It brought out some characters, and inspired everything from dancing to sitting still with eyes closed.  As doubtlessly intended, the sounds of conch shells, cymbals, glockenspiels, and sirens were complemented by actual sirens, the Mister Softee truck, and the ruckus of children.

Here’s a brief walk through the sound, complete with cell phone conversations and rug rats.


I woman is inspired to dance to a young friend across the pond.


A turtle surfaces to get a better listen.


Pretty glockenspiel riffs.


Forgive the wrong orientation of those videos, I’ll figure it out for next time!

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