Pick of the Week: OPERA America

In honor of their Opera Conference going on right now, the pick of the week is OPERA America. True, it’s not a blog, but man does not live on blog alone.

Not as glossy as its diva cousin, or as practical for the singer as its kid sister, OPERA America monitors trends in the field, educates and develops audiences, advocates for all things opera, and, most usefully, offers tons of resources. In conservatory I was advised to subscribe to Classical Singer and YAP Tracker for audition info and occasional career advice, but I wish I had known earlier about this resource to find out what people are thinking on the other side of the audition table.

Their Perspectives Series offers targeted career advice to singers, and their job bank is free and covers administrative, production, and educational positions nationwide.  Two of their Singer FAQ lists are targeted to dramatic voices and high school students, a resource you won’t find elsewhere, which is especially touching considering how overlooked dramatic voices (which take longer to develop, resulting in singers who can’t compete in the youth game) often are.  Nicest of all, they are building a National Opera Center in New York, complete with a shiny new performance venue, nice audition rooms (so long Nola!), and workspace to plan productions and foster new operas – how often does that happen?

I do have to say I’m biased: I just had the pleasure of writing an article for their magazine, which will come out this fall.

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