Pick of the Week: Fractured Atlas Blog

I have lots of colleagues who use Fractured Atlas for fiscal sponsorship of their projects and I’ve brought more into the happy, fractured fold.  It’s a great little organization with a bunch of resources for creative entrepreneurs – most of which I rarely get off my duff to take advantage of.  But whenever I do log in, I like what I see.

Take the FA blog, for starters.  Some posts border on navel-gazing for arts administrators, and much of it is simply updates on FA activities, but guest posts by arts business types and member profiles share some useful information and can spark some ideas.

I liked this one by Ciara Pressler on arts marketing, with a helpful list of questions to ask before your next event. Or try one of Adam Huttler’s many posts (he’s the FA founder); this one features a presentation on business models by Andrew Taylor.  The Chicago Fringe Festival has some nice ideas about bringing artists together and creating a project that contributes to a scene.

Enjoy, and up it goes on the blog roll!
– Amanda

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One Response to Pick of the Week: Fractured Atlas Blog

  1. Ciara says:

    Thanks for the shout out Amanda!!

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