Pick of the week: Operagasm

To promote more people and places who are just as passionate about classical music as I am, I’ll feature one interesting site each week.  First up: Operagasm.com!

I can just see my undergraduate voice teacher blanch.  But kudos go to Christie Connolley and Melissa Wimbish for this entertaining and useful site on all things singing.  I like most of all the weekly round up of competition and audition postings, which singers often need to pay a service to find out about.  Wish they had age limits on those competitions, but still, I’ll take it!

These ladies bring some much-needed levity and girliness to the hallowed operatic profession.  The founders and guest bloggers dig up some nice Youtube gems, news from all over, and even some pretty high-profile interviews.  While I’m not personally that interested in who wore what to the Met, most opera singers and students are ladies, and probably appreciate the lighter side of the biz now and then.  What’s even better is that Operagasm shows that classical singers can write and be entrepreneurial too, that we’re not all just beautifully trained songbirds.

So up it goes on the blogroll, and I’ll check back for more goodies soon!

– Amanda

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