Published Articles

In addition to blogging, singing, and grantwriting, I contribute to various music publications.  Here is a selection of (somewhat) recent articles:

Various Concert Reviews on

Nurturing Opera’s Next Generation – OPERA America, Fall 2012

Got a Crazy Plan? There’s Worse Out There – Classical Singer, 9/12

How Planning a Wedding is Like Producing an Opera – Classical Singer, 8/12

You, Incorporated – Classical Singer, 7/12

How To Start Your Own Music Project – Classical Singer, 1/12

Soprano Tony Arnold – Classical Singer, 11/11

Top New York City Rehearsal Spaces – Classical Singer, 11/11

Arts Programs for Seniors – OPERA America, 10/11

Singers and Technology – Classical Singer, 10/11

Genre-Busting Trends in Opera – OPERA America, 7/11

American Choristers in Europe – Classical Singer, 6/11

Insights from Parents of Opera Singers – Classical Singer, 2/11

Summer Opera Programs in Rome – Classical Singer, 1/11

Sing a New Song –, 11/10

Continuo Primer for Singers – Classical Singer 10/10

Nicolas McGegan on Singing Baroque Music – Classical Singer, 10/10

Perspectives on Careers in Contemporary Music – Classical Singer, 5/10

Kent Tritle on Choral and Solo Singing – Classical Singer, 4/10

Circle of Support – Classical Singer, 2/10

Summer Programs for Unconventional Singers – Classical Singer, 1/10

The Entrepreneurial Early Musician – Classical Singer, 11/09

Language and Expression for Auditions – Classical Singer, 9/09

One Response to Published Articles

  1. Ed Moran says:

    Hi Ms. Keil,

    My name is Ed Moran and I have just read your article in CS magazine about promoting your own event and I was very excited to see that it is going to be the first in a series of articles. I am currently the “Production Manager” for a one year old opera company called VanCOCO and I am also a performer just like yourself. We as a company have made some great strides in this last year and articles like yours continue to reaffirm that I/we are on the right path. Thanks again and I look forward to the next article (and btw if there were any way I could help or insights I could provide I would be very glad to do so).

    Ed Moran
    Production Manager
    Vancouver Concert Opera Society

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