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Grantwriting Tips from Fiction Writers

My hobbyist interest in writing fiction began when I started writing grant applications. There, now you know. Whether it’s for music or mental health, education or the environment, it takes a little creativity to interpret a non-profit’s programs in a way that … Continue reading

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American Classical Orchestra kicks off HANDELFEST with a Children’s Concert

UPDATE: It seems I’ve confused my most loyal supporters (Hi mom and dad!) I’m attending the ACO family concert on Saturday, not performing in it. My toddler, on the other hand, will most likely lift her voice with the performers.  … Continue reading

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Opera Lafayette Discount Code

  Tfoldecho’s first discount offer! Use the discount code “BlogNY” at to receive a generous 20% off tickets to the American premiere of Les Femmes Vengées, a 1775 opera by Philidor that inspired Mozart and DaPonte’s Così, written in 1789. It’s a double … Continue reading

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South African Music

Buried in the spilled ink about the death of Nelson Mandela last  week was a mention in the Times of South African hip-hop artist HHP. His song, Harembe, explores the disconnect between the country’s born frees, who never knew apartheid, … Continue reading

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Too bad, #Two Boys

“Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for a real Republican every time.” Harry Truman Thus, the reception of Nico Muhly’s Two Boys at the Met could be described as classical … Continue reading

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In Defense of Development

The music world bates its breath this month, with the nail-biting reality show that is the Minnesota Orchestra debacle scheduled to come to some sort of conclusion. Shout out to the ever-entertaining and vital Song of the Lark for revelatory … Continue reading

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Lorraine Hunt Lieberson died today

Composers have seasons dedicated to their anniversary years. The artists who perform their music go soundlessly to Orcus below. I felt like I knew Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, as many did who heard her sing. She died 7 years ago today, at … Continue reading

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How the rest of the world listens

Here in the thousandfold echo chamber, we are different cultural consumers than most. Our live entertainment, at least before certain events, consists of concerts of classical music, with the occasional ballet or opera. Rare movies. Nothing remotely popular. Of course … Continue reading

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A note on recent events

Pianist Krystian Zimerman kicked off quite a storm when he stalked off the stage earlier this month. “The destruction of music because of YouTube is enormous,” he railed. Sigh. As much as I enjoy mining the troves for good tunes, … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Listening: La Cheminee Du Roi Rene

Shout out to WQXR for playing this on the radio last week, La Cheminée due Roi René a pleasant gem that doesn’t get much play. Darius Milhaud was an incredibly prolific (this is opus 205!) 20th century French composer with a penchant … Continue reading

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